A lovely review from a visitor to the show!

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If you’d like to visit the spectacular Out of the Mouth of The Parrett River Adventure but would like to know a bit more about it, here’s a great review from a recent visitor:

“Hi Sandy

I thoroughly enjoyed this evening, it was good to see you again . The multi media film was stunning ! It was every thing I expected and more . I felt as if i had sailed the Parett, the filming was wonderful and the music fitted the various themes perfectly
. The lady interacting with the film was excellent, you could say she added the past history of the Parrett to the present and the two intermingled. Listening and watching her you could imagine the Parrett and life on it 200 years ago with similar activities going on as we find today

I lived at Combwich from six months old and grew up around the river and its activities . I had always viewed the river as a gloomy grey muddy place , fishing for eels paddling sailing canoeing were all part of growing up in our house we were never allowed to swim in the river dad wouldn’t allow it as he caught polio from canoeing in the river tone years ago .

The show this evening showed the Parrett in her true light , serene , ferocious, and quite beautiful as she she glides her way from spring to stream to river to channel and eventually out to sea.

Thank you for the opportunity to be involved in this great project .

As a collective exposure47 would welcome the opportunity to work with Theatre Melange again on any national or international projects if we can be of assistance.

I will without a doubt be back for a second viewing.

Kind regards to you all.


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